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Would you take a look at this thread in our Hoopla Forum? Did something change in this area recently? If so, can we change it back?

A lot of solid technical knowledge about our hobby is exchanged via good images and diagrams posted by the members. The drop in image quality and resolution has had a negative effect on that for several of our members.

Rich Melvin
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We haven't made any changes in the way images are handled in at all.

As near as we are able to tell, the complaint is that they cannot get the full size image?    If you look below the post where the attachments are and click the word show you should then be able to click the thumbnail of the image and get the full size attachment.

If you drag and drop a larger image into the post it'll bypass the option to choose a size to display.  Instead, if you click add attachment, upload it, then go back and click to insert it into your post you will get the popup that asks which size to embed.  I think they are skipping that step.

Either way, clicking the thumbnail in the attachments section will give you the full size.

However they are doing it, this is not anything that is new. We haven't made changes to it in a long long time.

Dave Dreezer

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