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Reply to "Using Crowdstack Blog to publish a club magazine?"

Super cool idea John! Hopefully someone will chime in here...offhand, I like the way that @Paul Heymont at TravelGumbo incorporates the blog with their forums, maybe he could share a little insight.

You can definitely copy in text and images to your blog, and organize the posts into "collections" with tags and dates.

You can also store your PDFs in the Resource area, and those PDFs are indexed inside Crowdstack's search function (all of the text inside the PDFs).

Crowdstack's notifications will allow your members to "follow" the blog themselves and get automatic notifications of all new blog posts. You also have a blog RSS feed available for those who want that type of alert.

For your bimonthly summary, you'd have to fire that off manually, but you could do it by sending from the Manage/Search Members area, and using an embedded Blog posts widget in the email itself. To get people to opt into the summary email, you could set up a custom profile field with a checkbox (which also then becomes a filter in your Manage/Search Members area).

Just some spitballing...hopefully we'll get some other folks to jump in with ideas too!

Rosemary O'Neill