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Using Crowdstack Blog to publish a club magazine?

Folks, is anyone in the Crowdstack community using the "blog" feature to deliver a digital magazine?  If so, how did you set that up and implement it?  We have used Crowdstack for years to deliver a private discussion forum to our 6,000 club members.  We already produce a bi-monthly printed magazine.  We would like to:

  1. Copy and paste the text and images from the magazine into categorized, dated and tagged posts.
  2. Automatically deliver a bimonthly summary of all articles/posts since the previous summary.
  3. Maintain a "subscriber" list for those who want notification of blog posts as they happen and who want the "summary".
  4. Store digital pdfs of the printed magazines going back decades.
  5. Allow search of all text, including text-embedded archived pdfs.

Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated.


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