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Kate Gardner

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Reply by Kate Gardner

Thanks Dave, As suggeted, we've updated the record to use the correct CNAME and that has done the trick. It would be great if you could...

Forum outage

Hi there, Our Eve community message board is currently down (  Do you know if there is some sort of planned outage scheduled?  Has anything similar been reported?  Would someone be able to take a look for...

Reply by Kate Gardner

Thanks for the information, Brian. I will pass this on to our users. Cheers, Kate

Phishing reports

Hi there, A quick question for you guys.  Yesterday, a handful of our Eve users reported receiving a phishing email from a company called Sun Trust Security, asking them to verify their account details.  Have you heard of any similar...

Reply by Kate Gardner

Hi there, Thanks for the follow up. I haven't heard back from the user who reported this, so I'm assuming it's no longer an issue.

Reply by Kate Gardner

Apologies for the formatting. Here is the question posted again in plain text: -- Hi there, We have come across some user feedback...

Eve forums: Login error

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Eve: Error when editing forum description

Hi there, I have just encountered an error when attempting to update a forum category description. See screenshots below. 1. Edit is made in the ‘description’ box and saved: 2. I then receive the following error message: Change is not reflected on front end, here: Thanks for looking into this, Kate