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The Secure Web Is Here To Stay!

As we announced recently, today, June 5th, we are moving all remaining communities to HTTPS in order to protect the integrity of them all. We are pleased to announce the conversion process has now been completed!

All internal links have been converted to HTTPS automatically. If your community includes any resources that are not secure, browsers will display an insecure warning. You will need to manually update these resource links to use HTTPS, which could include images, CSS, JavaScript, and other embeds such as iframes and video players.

As for inbound links (e.g. links from other sites that lead to your community), those will automatically be redirected to HTTPS so you do not worry about updating them.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can visit the FAQ section on our previous blog post or submit a request via support topic to or

Photo Credit: Schloss mit Tastatur - Sicherheit flickr photo by Oliver Henzeshared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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