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We've just rolled out an update for that includes the following features/improvements:

IP Address Geolocation:  We now support geolocation for IP Addresses.  This means that if you are an admin, you can see the location of an IP by hovering over the IP address in the user's profile.

Screenshot 2017-10-25 16.11.07

"Member Registers" Recipe Enhancement: we added support for a new condition for this recipe trigger. You can now set a condition on registrations based on "Member of Circle(s)". This is useful if you are adding members through invitations where users are added to specific circles as part of that process.

Fixed- Emojis Not Working: We had a bug that was preventing emojis from posting properly. That has been fixed!

Manage Members Enhancements: There were two major enhancements to the Manage Members control panel:

a) You can now preview your email, when sending an email to members.

b) You can now see the time, as well as the date, when a member registered.

SSL- Related Changes

For sites using SSL:

a) We no longer allow changing the domain via the control panel. All such requests must be requested via support now, because the changes require updating SSL certificate information.

b) All cookies will also be transmitted via SSL

Extract Improvement: we now filter out quoted text from content extracts to make the extracts more readable.

Form Enhancements: we have included checkboxes and radio elements in our validation framework to make it clearer when required checkbox or radio elements are incomplete.

As usual, there were numerous other bug fixes and minor enhancements in this release.  If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our support site


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  • Screenshot 2017-10-25 16.11.07

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