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Hello 'Stackers!

We've gotten a lot of questions over the past year about whether Crowdstack was like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc. And even though the objective is the same as those social networks -- creating engagement among a community of people -- the experience can sometimes seem foreign for people accustomed to those interfaces.

With that in mind, we are updating the standard landing page for Crowdstack so that the engagement is more obvious and readily accessible, with a new "feed" that allows you to easily scroll through all content, as well as see recent interactions on those posts. It will also feature live updating when new posts are added and support inline reactions.The entire post can be viewed right in the feed, no matter how long it is, making everything far easier to consume.

If you've used a social network, it will feel quite natural.

This interface will include some standard, smart widgets (when viewing on larger devices.

The new design is not available for our legacy (Version 1) customers, though of course any v1 customer is welcome to switch to v2 anytime.

We expect to make this available later this month.

Here's a sneak peek of what it will look like (still subject to change):

Have feedback for us? Let us know on Hey Stack!

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