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We've just rolled out a software update for that adds the following new features:

Support for Access Permissions on Custom Pages

You can now set access permissions for custom pages.  This means that you can control exactly who can access a custom page.

Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.32.38

New Recipe Trigger: Member Birthday

We've added a new recipe trigger event for when a member's birthday arrives.  You can use this to automatically send a special email to a member on their birthday, for instance, or grant them some activity points as a perk.  

Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.34.10

Custom Date Ranges for Community Average Data

For Advanced Reporting, we now support setting a custom date range when viewing community average data.

New Recipe Trigger: Member Achieves Incremental Points Milestone

We added a new recipe trigger based on a member achieving an activity points milestone every X points.  Thus, you could send kudos to a member every 1000 points. The incremental milestone is customizable per recipe.

Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.54.44

New Community Points Action

We added a new action to our Community Points formula- when users share content from the community.  The default is 1 point per share, but you can adjust the point total for this in the Community Points Formal section of your Admin Control Panel.

As usual, there were numerous other minor changes and bug fixes in this release.  For questions or concerns, please visit our support community.


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  • Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.32.38
  • Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.34.10
  • Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.54.44

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