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Today, we're rolling out a new feature that allows public communities to hide all member names and avatars (across all pages) to people who are not signed in to your site.

If you enable this option, every reference to a community member's name will be replaced with a generic "Community Member" term, and associated avatars will also be hidden. Search indexes will not have access to member names/avatars, as well.

This option is intended for organizations that value protecting user data as much as possible, since only registered members will be able to associated users with content.

When you enable this feature, guests will not be able view the member directory, member profiles, do any searches, or view the birthday calendar.

This feature is NOT enabled by default. If you do wish to use the feature, you can find it in the Member Settings of the Admin Control Panel:

Screenshot 2020-04-22 09.58.07As part of this update, we also improved the way we handle the "reply with quote" feature. Now, when you use "reply with quote", we will reference the person you are quoting as a "mention", which will allow those people to be notified (via our standard "mention" system).  We are also no longer supporting nested quoted replies, making things much easier to read.


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