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Today, we're rolling out a major update for Crowdstack that focuses on these new features/changes:

Splash Header

All Crowdstack plans now support a new "Splash" header, which makes it ridiculously easy to maintain an attractive header for the top of your community. 

Screenshot 2020-04-08 11.27.00

When you enable the splash header, a random stock image will be put in place for the background, but you can easily replace that image with an alternate stock image or your own image.

The header also supports:

  • A customizable title and subtitle
  • A logo, which can link to any URL

If your community is a part of a larger site, the best practice is to apply your main site/company logo in that logo spot and then link to your main site.

You also control whether the logo should be displayed on a white background or a transparent background.

Headers for existing sites will not change; you'll have to opt in to using the new Splash Header option.

Improved Structure Management

We've combined two administrative control panel areas into one.  Previously, the Structure area allowed you to enable/disable certain features/modules, while the Community Menu area allowed you to control menu order for those items (or remove them from the menu).

Now, all of that functionality is handled via the revamped Structure control panel. It looks just like the old "Community Menu" interface, allowing you to easily drag and drop to change the order of your menu items, while also allowing you to remove/disable them.  If you disable an item, it is completely unavailable as a feature for all members.

Screenshot 2020-04-08 11.38.14


We've given everyone more control over form elements by adding a new Forms section in the Theme editor. This will allow you to change form element colors.

Screenshot 2020-04-08 11.40.09

There are also new theme settings for the new Splash Header, described above, but you'll only see that theme section if you enable the Splash Header for your community.

We've also added two new Stock Themes - Crowdstack and Crowdstack Dark Mode, which are now the default themes for all sites. Don't worry though, your existing theme(s) are not impacted.

As usual, there are numerous other minor changes and bug fixes. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know!


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  • Screenshot 2020-04-08 11.27.00
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