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We're excited to announce the debut of a brand new content module for - Databases! 

With Databases, you can store and display structured data on your site.  When you create a database, you determine the specific fields to associate for each database record.

Imagine the possibilities- a database of movies, sports transactions, products, business leads.  It's a great way to store and catalog information.

You can create any number of distinct databases and each has its own permissions and custom fields.  We also support audio, video, photo, and file uploads as fields for database records.  (By the way, those field types were also added for member custom profile fields.)

Specific database records can be locked by admins. Admins can control whether users can submit more than one record per database. Admins can also completely customize the layout of the database record by using their own HTML (using variables for each database record field).  

When setting up a new database, admins can place the database in a "Test" mode that allows the database to be accessible only by admins. This is useful for making sure you are setting up your database properly before making it generally available.

Each active database is displayed in the menu by default (though they can also be removed from the menu).

Databases are content, just like any other module in, so the database records are searchable, can be liked and followed.  They are also available as Recipe components (though we plan to expand the scope of recipe support even more in the future).

Finally, the database record page (the information for one record in a database) is completely customizable. You can optionally provide your own custom HTML for the way the information is presented on the page (with variable for each record field available to you). This, way your database records can truly look the way you want them to (and reflect the uniqueness of each database).

Please note that the new Databases module is only available for Essential and Enterprise plans (and legacy Business, Pro, but not Pro Starter, plans).


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