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Today at the office, I'm trying desperately to focus as the machinery in the street beneath our windows grinds, pummels, and jackhammers the pavement into oblivion.  Where are those Bose noise-canceling headphones when I need them?

The scenario started me thinking about other types of noise.  If you're like me, and signed in to too many social media profiles to count, you're seeing a lot of noise too.  On LinkedIn, there are the spammy webinar dudes, on Twitter, there are the constant check-ins from FourSquare (I don't CARE that you're at Denny's), on Facebook...well, don't even get me started about the Farmville and Fishville and Pillow Fighting.  Some might say, "why don't you just stop following these accounts?"  That would be one way to focus, but then I would miss the golden nuggets that sometimes shine through the mess. I love keeping up with my college friends' kids accomplishments, getting business and life tips directly from Seth Godin, and being able to meet new people even if they live thousands of miles away (love you GaGaJoyJoy peeps).

I'm now searching for a way to "clean up" all of my social accounts so I just get the good stuff.  If/when I find the solution, I'll share it here.  Meanwhile, if any of you have found a cool way to do it, please feel free to post it here. You'll be my hero.

Incidentally, on, we recently implemented a feature that will appeal to those who prefer to filter Tweets from their notifications.  Just go to Manage Your Stuff > Notifications and you'll see the option to remove Tweets from your blog notifications.  Voila...less noise.



I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.


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Oh Rosemary! 

What a wonderful blog. Very honest and heartfelt.  I've never done a social network site... and increasingly I'm glad I don't get tied up in the white noise that people seem to have to deal with. I like a simple existence. I like to be in control of anything I say or post. This isn't a puff piece for LC as some may see it, but I'm comfortable here... and I know it's a social network site too!
I've been using my earbuds the last couple of days, because of this road construction noise, and it helps.

On Facebook, I hide the game posts as they come up, that way I can keep it to the "nuggets".  The only problem is that there's no way to do this on the phone app, so I have to log on via computer occasionally to fix this. I'm a bit surprised the iPhone app doesn't have a facility for this, but maybe they will in a future version.
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