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Have you seen the TV show "Hoarders?" It's about people who can't bring themselves to part with ANYTHING, and end up being buried alive under an avalanche of possessions.  Dear readers, I have the workplace version of this disease, and ask for your support as I call intervention on myself.

You see, there's this little two-drawer metal file cabinet that's traveled from our original townhouse on the East Coast, through five office spaces, and now resides behind my desk on Third Avenue.  It doesn't take up much physical space, but I've always zealously guarded it because of the mental space it consumes.

What's in there?  File folders with handwritten names of customers from 10 years ago.  The last time I actually needed to use the information in those files, iPhones would have been considered witchcraft.  But I've been reluctant to consign them to the shredding pile because I fondly remember when those files were a sign of bustling growth and new adventures.  Now they are starting to look like the Flintstones version of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

So what I'm trying to say is...I've finally decided to properly dispose of the files (in a secure manner) and start the next 10+ years with a fresh slate, digital CRM, and no hoarding.  Fire up the shredder!



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