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Looking for something buried in my old documents yesterday, I stumbled across this picture.  It might not look like anything special, but it is.  It's the front door to our very first office, which was in Snoqualmie, WA, right next to the brewery.  In this office, we assembled furniture, installed Snoqualmie's first T1 line, released OpenTopic, our first hosted application, and heard the kegs rolling down our neighbor's hallway every Friday afternoon.  The floor in the kitchen was slanted, and there was a single bathroom, but it was our first home.  The home where Dave pulled up in his packed car, direct from Boston, and sat down to start answering customer questions before even seeing his new apartment.

Looking at the picture filled me with gratitude.  Ten years later, I'm sitting in downtown Seattle in a gorgeous old building, with a wonderful team of people, buzzing away on all kinds of new projects (and with 3 children I never imagined).  We're getting an early Spring here, and I can already hear the frogs singing outside my bedroom window.  In short, life is good.

As Anthony Robbins proposes, take a few moments at the start of each day and gather up your feelings of gratitude.  Once you've got that going, you're ready to spend the rest of the day giving back.

So thanks for reading, and thanks for being part of our extended "family!"  If I find any other interesting historical photos, I'll share them too.



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