Crowdstack Adds Unsplash Integration

Hey Stackers-

We're making it much easier for you to add high-quality photos as title images for your posts in Crowdstack.  When you add a Title Image for a post, you'll be able to quickly search through the gigantic inventory of royalty-free images at Unsplash

Screenshot 2020-05-20 10.30.14

Just choose the image you want-- no uploading required. When you add an Unsplash image, we also automatically display a photo credit below the image on the associated content page.

Of course, we still have an "Upload Image" option, for adding images directly from your computer/device.

You'll see this new feature when we roll out our Kinetic Design release this week.


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Hi @Alison Cebulla that's an interesting suggestion (which I don't think is currently in the hopper). Would you like to post that as a formal suggestion (click post > support topic) so others can weigh in? It would be great to hear more are you talking about a way to inject an image during the flow of the social share button bar, or more an image that's just hidden/attached to the post in the background? 

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