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When you name something, it becomes real, memorable, definable.


Think about the Redskins Hogettes, the Pomodoro technique, Beliebers...all names that conjure a simple image, quickly. 

You can use this technique to solidify and extend the close identification your members have with your online community. If they can call it something, they can easily talk about it with their friends and share it socially.

Consider the difference between:

"I love to scrapbook! I just became a Fiskateer!"


"I love to scrapbook! I just joined the Fiskars online brand evangelist community."


Name your community, name the members, name your traditions.


It creates a special "insider" feeling when your members all use the same terminology. Make your members feel like insiders when they talk about your special community.


Bonus points if your members name themselves as a group; take that and run with it!


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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