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It's the week before Christmas, and I've got my mind on cookies, packages, and sitting next to the tree with just the twinkly lights on.  Oh, and maybe a hot chocolate with marshmallows...

It has also made me think about the fact that social networks and communities behave in a similar way around the holidays.  In order to have a vital, thriving community, you need to have traditions, celebrations, and even the crazy aunt who comes to visit (her name is Ima Troll).  Whenever we gather, even in cyberspace, it's important to have a shared bond so that we can build history together.  Does your community have a favorite weird holiday emoticon? Do you share cookie recipes?  Have you posted pictures of your worst Christmas sweater?  Have you banished the troll for a couple of weeks?

Here in LiveCloud, the GaGaJoyJoy channel (comprised mainly of UK citizens) were working on a Christmas "panto" online.

What creative things could you offer to your online community that would foster a sense of tradition?  ...and if you'd like to post an ugly Christmas sweater picture here, by all means...


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.

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