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Ted and I just returned from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where we saw a lot of 3D televisions, different flavors of gestural interfaces, and a massive variety of charging devices.  Nothing too earth-shattering, but Samsung apparently revealed bendable displays that could rock things in the next couple of years.


Part of the fun of CES is letting the wave of new technology wash over you, and then coming out the other side with intuition on where things are heading.  


I thought it would be fun to share some video---


This video shows the Drywire nanotechnology for protecting devices.  In plain English---never worry about dropping your phone in the toilet again.  There were several vendors with this particular type of technology, and I think it's going to become a standard feature for devices as manufacturers get on board.



We watched this guy for a while. It's like a Segway with one wheel.  It has a handle on the top so that you can take it in to work with you when you arrive.  I'm pretty sure I'd need to be wearing a helmet on one of these.



This one was my favorite new thing. It's from Beam, and it's a remote-controlled telepresence robot.  We were chatting with a woman in Palo Alto, who could turn and track with someone walking, or move the device to a charger. It reminded me of the episode of Big Bang Theory when Sheldon created a homegrown version of this (and ran into Woz at the restaurant).



Just for fun, here's video of "Glitch" from So You Think You Can Dance. He was livening up the Speck booth.  (Thanks, Speck for the shiny new iPhone cases!)



This is rather cool. It's a device that makes anything on a monitor appear as if it's a hologram.  No idea how it does it, but we saw a few different companies trying this idea.  Maybe we'll just skip over 3D and go straight to holograms.



What technology are you most anxious to see in the coming years?


I'd love to hear your thoughts here in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter.


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