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We know there is a lot of collected wisdom here, and we wanted to open up a space for talking less formally, sharing community management strategies, and helping each other with day-to-day community questions that may or may not be related to Crowdstack itself. Some of you have been doing this for 10+ years!

Our team will use this forum to share quick announcements from time to time, sneak peeks, and other info.

Feel free to introduce yourself if you like, ask for help with something, or share your successes.

Rosemary O'Neill
Original Post

Hi, Rosemary.

Thanks for opening this discussion space.

Would you consider adding some public fields to the member profiles here?

Some fields I'd like to see:

Link to your community http://bosepro.community

Date founded:  September 2003

Your role in the community: Musician and Community Manager

When you get involved in your current role in your community: June 2004

Community Mission Statement: The Bose Portable PA Community is the place for performers to share experiences and talk about how we are transforming perceptions of live music and public performances using Bose Portable PA products.

Description of the Community: To promote camaraderie and peer-to-peer support for people using our products in their live performances. 

Things I love: "Love people, not things"

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's a start.



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