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I searched and didnt find anything. Is there a way that members can be alerted to  new content/replies/etc for a subgroup they belong to in their main account-much like there are notifications for PMs and mentions and whatnot? I could see how the subgroup could almost be forgotten about if its not top of mind--out of sight out of mind and all that.

We're still on V1 if that matters--looking to go to V2, but I dunno if my members can handle the changes They keep begging for me to try to go back to eve

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This answer assumes you haven't enabled "Digest Mode."

Subgroups have default new member settings for notifications, so you (the admin) can control the default notification behavior in the subgroup (min, medium, or max).

Also, similar to the way it works at the top level, members can tweak their own preferences for each subgroup as well. When the member goes to their profile, under Settings > Notifications, there is a tab devoted to subgroups.

All notifications will respect the member's choice about using Email or System Alerts to deliver the notifications.

Rosemary O'Neill

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