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Are you doing anything different in your community given the radical changes in our day to day lives recently?

Our community is normally task-oriented and the task is creating great live musical performances.  With the shutdowns - almost all of our members have had all their gigs canceled.

This means three things.

  1. We have more time on our hands.
  2. There are significantly fewer practical applications for our products.
  3. Members have more time to explore our products (testing the limits, figuring out the finer details of how to operate them).


Stepping away from our task-centered conversations I have started several topics to take the time to have people get to know one another better.

Here's an example: What are you doing with your extra time these days

I've extremely pleased our members have not just copy/pasted common memes or spiraled downward to the lowest-common-denominator conversations found in social media.

How's it going at your place?




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