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Hi, Derek!

You can create an Automation Rule that comps them a Premium Membership based on their response to a profile field:

1. In Automation Rules, add a new Rule, and give it a name ("Comp Premium Membership for Retired Members", for instance).
2. The Trigger will be "Member Registers".
3. For Condition, choose Profile File Field Value, and then scroll to the appropriate listed field (you can choose more than one value, so here's your chance to choose both "Retired" and "Disabled" if that's how you have your fields set up).
4. For "Action(s) to Take", you'd simply choose "Grant Comped Premium Membership".

If you want to comp members who have already registered (and completed the profile field) prior to today, you can search for those members in your control panel by the profile field value, and then choose "Grant Comped Premium Membership" from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.

If you want to comp members who have already registered but update that profile field at some point in the future, you can set up an additional rule just like the first one, but choose the trigger "Member Updates Profile". Steps 3 and 4 will be the same as above.

If you want help tweaking this to your specific needs, please let me know!


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