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It isn't something that we can't get.  When you click on any of these sharing links, it opens a popup page from the site you're sharing to, for instance when you click the Facebook share it opens this Facebook popup page:

As that this is a Facebook page, and not a page and we are not part of any point part of the transaction and there are no stats that we could get.

Some of the social networks themselves do give usage stats, however rudimentary. I saw that Facebook gave what was labeled as an "average usage over the last 7 days" stat in the developer's control panel that you used to get the api keys set up.

I was not able to determine a way to get Instagram or Twitter api stats. Flickr has some limited stats available in their control panel.  Linkedin also seems to have a very limited usage stats available,  that resets daily if I am reading their control panel right.

Dave Dreezer

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