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I have been getting regular emails from Crowdstack, on topics I did not follow, for a while now. I think they are from the people who have helped me with other support issues (Ted, Rosemary, etc.), but they are not on a topic I chose to get informed about. It used to be one or two emails a week, so I would just delete them, but now I get multiple email notifications per day from Crowdstack. Any idea what's going on?

I went into my notification settings and turned off all notifications. Every single notification was turned off. They're still showing up. I think I had four today.

I think you all are excellent, but I don't really need to get these emails. Can you help? Thanks!

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Just a note to say that the emails say that I'm getting notifications because I'm following new support topics. So I guess I get an email whenever somebody posts here. I don't remember ever opting to follow all new support topics, and if I did, it was a mistake. How do I unfollow all new support topics (but my own)?

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Hi, Marie:

You can adjust your notifications by choosing "FOLLOW" in the menu at the top of the page. You'll want to make sure that you have checked the box in the Specific Followed Content section, and then you can scroll down the page and uncheck anything else that you don't want to be notified about. Once you've finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Hope that helps!



I am getting them too, though I do still have some things checked (I unchecked things the other day when someone else said there were getting too many emails). I do still want to get relevant emails but not things topics that I haven't participated in.

For example, this topic is one that I did not start or post in but I received notification of this new topic (and just so happens that it does interest me!). Another one I received today was "Accessibility Improvements"

Thanks all!


Hi @Marie -- Okay cool... I can see that you have unsubscribed from everything now, so I know that you currently have things set up properly.  I'm not seeing any bugs anywhere, so I am chalking this up to what you described.  If it happens again, though, please open a new support topic and give us more info about the email you received. Make it a new support topic, so we can respond to you directly (and potentially get more (private) info from you to help troubleshoot the issue.


Ted @ Crowdstack

Thanks for waiting! sorry, was in a meeting.

OK I think I have it NOW. I was actually already in there thinking I had turned these off. But what's concerning is that I never turned them on. That means someone decided in some update to turn these on by default... for LOTS of us. I definitely never turned this on, and I've been a customer since Infopop days if not before. 🙂


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