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Occasionally we have members that are off-line for extended periods and for various reasons lose access to the email account that the registered with,

Having verified the user is actually who the are claiming to be through various means we (super admins) used to be able to change their password and email information for them. 

Now when attempting to change the info we are being requested to enter the users PRIOR (now forgotten) password for either an email or pwd change.

Other than deleting the account and the user re-registering (and losing the links to previous posts, images, PMs, block lists, etc) is there a way to resolve this?


Thank you for your time



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Hi David,

Crowdstack is asking for your current password to verify the password change, not the old password of the user you are changing. So, you can reset the user's password, but you just need to enter your password first to verify you really are the administrator performing the action.

The same applies for changing another user's email address.

Hope that helps!


Brian Lenz
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