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All of sudden (within the last week), a strange blue box started appearing around the first link in my News Flashes. Once clicked, it seems to disappear. But it is a recurring issue. I've since created a brand new news flash and the blue box is showing around the new first link. I see nothing in the html code that would cause this. Please help. See screenshot. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 10.24.50 PM


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An update--

The blue box you are seeing is caused by the accessibility improvements we made recently (see:  The news flash is rendered in a "modal" window and the application has to give some focus to that modal so that it can be processed properly (for tabbing and other accessibility tools).  The blue box you are seeing is because we are giving focus to the first main element (link) in the modal.  (And by the way, it is your browser that is displaying the box, not Crowdstack. My browser did not display any box.)

So, that is the "why" for the blue box you are seeing.

But we agree that it is not the best behavior, even if it only seems problematic in certain browsers (usually Safari). So, we are investigating how we can maintain the same accessibility standard but not ruin the presentation. You might expect to see a blue box like that in Safari as you are tabbing though a page (so you know where you have tabbed on a page), but you shouldn't see it before you take any action at all. That is the heart of the issue.

We'll let you know when and if we make improvements in this regard. Thanks for reporting!

Ted @ Crowdstack
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