Sometimes I want to reply to a long post and prefer to quote the original post, and then split the quote so I can insert comments. I found a trick for doing it. It's super easy.

  1. Reply with Quote
  2. Click where you want to split the quoted text.
    • Press Enter once
    • Press Left Arrow once
    • Press Enter three times.

This will split the quote and leave space for you to type something inside the split.

This makes it easy to reply to a long post like this.

Here's a video.


Of course, if you know of an easier way to do this, please tell me all about it.


PS - Is this documented somewhere? I couldn't find it.


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I've passed this tip on in another forum. It works fine for me (Firedox,Windows 7) but is not working for others. For instance it doesn't seem to work for ipads.


I tested this in Windows 10, all of these are working for me. 

  • Windows Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

It also works in the mobile device emulators here:

I don't own any Apple devices so I can't test or report on them from direct experience.

Interestingly, I use a great product called ActiveWords. It allows you to create keyboard shortcuts. It is similar to AutoHotKey.

When I created an ActiveWord for (Enter, Left Arrow, Enter x 3) the script failed - perhaps because it was sending the keystrokes too fast for the editor software to respond, I had to put in a pause (Enter, Left Arrow, Pause, Enter x 3).



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I've since discovered that with browsers other than Google Chrome, I can split a quote by placing the cursor where you want to break the quote, then press Enter three times.

This is much simpler. Try it, it may work for you

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