Hi there, I'm trying to set an offer up that runs routinely - without my input.

I have a monthly fee set up and I'd like to be able to offer a special deal but on an ongoing basis to every new member.  

1. If I have the monthly set up, correct me if I'm wrong, but I couldn't set it up to get members to: "Pay 6 months in advance and get two months free"?

That is, it seems it's only possible to offer a discount with a coupon over that same period because it's applied on a monthly basis?

2. So, I presume then, I'd give a special discount like $2 off for 6 months and then the pricing would revert to the regular fee...I'm pretty sure that's it...just want to confirm.

3. Also, if I do the 6-month $2 coupon deal above, it looks like - if I want this routinely put into the new membership email that goes out - that I can't really set a date when the coupon becomes invalid. Is that correct?

(I suppose if I do that - I could say "This coupon is only valid for one month" even though that's technically not the case.)

Thanks for your help - I'm trying to automate as much as possible.



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Hi, Susan:

1. Correct: there is only one membership level allowed, so you can't do 6 months in advance via FeePod.

2. Yes, if you set the lifespan of the coupon to 6 billing periods, the billing will revert to the base (non-discounted) rate after that.

3. If you want to continue to use the same coupon on an ongoing basis, you wouldn't want to set a redeem-by date. As you say, you could SAY it's good for a month or whatever, but know that if someone wanted to test the system, the coupon would still work. Or, you could set up a series of coupons with staggered redeem-by dates, and work your way through them as time goes on.

Hope that helps!


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