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That's about it. Some basic information, access to online maps, maybe to be able to update it occasionally with some news for members. I was thinking of having a single page message board. There are only 60 members, so it wont be too involved. 

We'd register another domain and use that to direct to this page.

Hi Ramsey-

So you have a few ways you can go:

1.  We can add some web services to your current account.  That would give you web space with FTP access to upload whatever web content you want.  That would be on your exisiting forum domain however.  Your monthly fee would go up a little (I can get you a quote if you are interested), but the biggest issue is that we would have to migrate your site to a different server, since the one you are does not support web space.  There would be a migration fee (probably around $100-150) and some downtime involved.  

2. If you want this web space to be on a different domain, apart from your forums, that's easier because we can just set you up with a new account.  There would be no migration in that case because your forums would not have to move. If you want a quote for that, let me know.

2.  The last option is to go with one of our accounts for the new site, but that is only a good option if you only intend to have a few custom web pages (you would not be given web space per se, but support creating "Custom Pages" on the site, whereby you can simply insert whatever HTML you want for a given custom page. also offers forums, blog, photos, videos, etc... as well as an iPhone app (depending on plan type).  For more on see:

Just let us know which options  sound the best to you and then we can give you the quotes you want or answer more questions for you.
Ted @ Crowdstack
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