Hi there -- I'm having issues signing in directly to my community's interface. The login page draws a blank each time. Screenshot included. Is there anyone else having this issue? Please advise how I should rectify. 


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Hello again,

We have dug into this further and determined that this is being caused by some DHTML that is under your control. Our best guess is that it's coming from this:


Which is adding CSS selectors that are hiding the login form entirely:

body#signInPage .medium-4.columns.hide-for-small-only, body#joinSitePage .medium-4.columns.hide-for-small-only {
display: none !important;


body#signInPage .promo-fb-first, body#joinSitePage .promo-fb-first {
display: none;

You will need to have your web development team track down the source of the issue within that script and resolve appropriately.



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