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I'd like to pull together some reports to get an overall view of stats from this year vs last year.


I'd like to find out the following:


1) Most visited Forums/Topics

2) No of registrations totals month by month

3) Nos of members from different countries.

4) Members with the most posts accumaltive over a year

5) Members using chat rooms / private messaging etc


Any other useful reports that would give us an overview of how the forum is being used by our members.


Is there an online manual that gives a summary of reports on Eve or can someone give me an idea of how to pull this data?


Many thanks


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Hello John,


From all of your statistics I suspect that you can get #2 from the control panel:


CP -> Eve -> Reporting


From there you should be able to filter down to specific date ranges to get totals for each month.  If you do the breakdown option you can get the monthly totals spreading a fairly large date range.


The rest of the statistics would require some exploration in the database to query the information that you are looking for.  Depending on your site plan you may have access to the database, in which case its up to you whether you feel comfortable enough to get in there and fetch the data.  My preliminary investigation looks like everything you want could be fetched with varying degrees of accuracy (Our statistics dont cover all of the data that you want, so we will have to get creative for some of it).


My gut tells me that this will likely take 2 hours of advanced support.  We charge $200 per hour which means this will likely cost around $400 to get for you.  If you agree to the cost then we will need to find out what site you want the statistics for and that you are indeed the owner of that site.  Once that is all taken care of then we will need to talk through the queries and iron out exactly what you are expecting from them.  Finally we can give you a final quote for the work and once agreed to we can get the data to you.


Hope that helps,



Jonmark @ Crowdstack
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