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There have been reports of someone sending spam messages via dialogs/private messages to members on the Gagajoyjoy forum.

It was initially suggested by a moderator that the members could report the spam messages via the Report function. However this function does not currently exist on dialogs, so the first suggestion by the moderator is that this could be implemented.

The second suggestion which is related is mine - it would be helpful if members could blacklist individual members from being able to send them dialogs. This function used to be available until the major changes last year, but is no longer available. This is not the same as the existing facility for a member to set their settings so that they cannot receive any dialogs.

 The moderator suggested to me that I posted these suggstions here.

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I believe any blacklisting/ignore button should be mandatory.  Whilst the behaviour of most contributors to forums are to engage in likeminded topics, there are a few who find pleasure in trolling others. 


Practically every forum I'm a member of has this function for just this reason.  It might mean members wouldn't be so quick to dereg as is currently happening.


I voted this up. The ability to block spammers as an individual member is good, but reporting those spam dialogs would be a nice extra for admins to see what kind of spam users are bothered with.


Ironically, last month I got a spam dialog right here on this very site. You'd be able to easely ban/delete the spammer if I could report him/her/it. 

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Just curious, did anything ever come of this suggestion? Now that we've been using for a few years now, I can really see the benefit of being able to read reported dialogs. We have a private community but we are certainly not immune from people being mean/abusive to one another through private messages because we can't see them. Being able to report a dialog/private message so that we can see the content would really help to properly take care of those situations.


We do appreciate the block feature but being able to report the dialogs would be even better.


Hi Alesa-

No, unfortunately, this has not been implemented. It simply has not been a priority feature for us yet.  This may seem like a simple feature, but the system intentionally prevents private messages from being read by anyone but participants, so this would require a fundamental change.  It's just not scheduled for the short term at this time.

Note that if this is a priority for you, we do offer a feature expedite option, whereby you can pay to guarantee delivery of a feature in our queue.  If you would like a quote for that, let us know.

Ted @ Crowdstack

Hi Ted,

Is it less of a change to even just allow Super Admins to be able to see the titles, dates, and members involved in a private message exchange? On the Eve platform, we were able to do that and it was enough, often, to help us prevent abuse of the private message system. I totally understand that they are completely different platforms so it may not be possible, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

It's really not a priority but we had something come up today where it would have been extremely beneficial so it got me thinking about it again.

Thanks for the information.


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