We occasionally get a premium member who is UPSET that their membership was auto-renewed "without notice."   They didn't see the 7 day email notification of renewal, and when we ask them to see if it's in the spam folder, THAR SHE BLOWS!   (Aside: We also have many texts/posts/email fine print mentioning how to turn off auto-renew, but people don't read.)


And CONVERSELY, we have had the occasional "happy member" who's premium auto-renew DID NOT GET RENEWED because their CC had been cancelled, or expired, and they TOO did not see the 7 day email renewal notice.   This happened yesterday to one of our Directors.


One common denominator:  Email from "FeePod receipts@feepod.com" getting sent right to their SPAM FOLDER.  



I would suggest we figure out a way to notify people of cancellations NOT using "receipts@".  As an email address, it looks like "Oh, I can ignore that".   Instead, how about "RENEWAL.NOTICE@feepod.com"  or "RENEWAL.NOTICE@MYURL.$$$"


If such emails had more important looking addresses and came from OUR site instead of "who is this RECEIPTS person at WHAT's feepod.com?"  then it might has a chance.


As Admin, I do see the cancellation notices AFTER THE FACT. How about sending them to us BEFORE the failure so that we can SMOOZE the expiring/expired member ourselves.  "Dear member... your account is about to expire, go here...." sort of thing.


Recently you asked about improving the Premium Experience. KEEPING premiums is part of that. So maybe this should be a Premium Alert Module --- Cancelling/Renewing page in Manage Members that we could keep track of.





This is labeled as an "issue" which is also a "suggestion." 

Please tell Bryan I want to be able to click "all that apply" 

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Hi Neil-


We will check to make sure there are no issues with the way our feepod email is configured that might contribute to it being labelled as spam.  I don't think there is an issue there, but we will definitely take a closer look.


In terms of the emails themselves, as I have stated previously the emails have to come from FeePod because that is the service that is doing the billing.  Now, one thing that could be a possibility is to send ANOTHER email from your site when a premium membership is canceled, but that also strikes me as highly redundant/annoying from an end-user perspective.


Then again, it is your site so perhaps you and others would want that as a setting.


Thanks for the quick reply.


Bugs me that some people don't read important things, but as  customers, they are always right, right??    Thus, it's our job to try and make giving us money easy, obvious, painless, and repetitive! 



It occurs to me....

The VERIFICATION OF EMAIL email that goes out during the sign-up process seems to work really well, btw.  We have very few members with "unverified" emails.  That email might have a few Arial Black 24pt REMINDERS on it.


Does your software not allow you to mail our members using OUR URL instead ofFeepod?

That might help too.

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Hi Neil- We found an issue with how some of the feepod emails were being sent out that might have resulted in some of them going into user's spam filters. That has now been improved so your customers should not have them go into their spam filters (at least not as likely to).  Thanks for bringin that to our attention!


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