I found 2 useful tools that might interest the community. Note the links.

http://freeseoscorecard.com & http://seositecheckup.com

SEO & other site performance issues have been a major concern for folks & I’m glad that hoop.la have already addressed some of it with the new ninja release & other tweaks, however a bit more needs to be done as I’ve learned from running the tools, notably the site checkup. If you run my site ferrelux.com, I score a 27, which is up 2 points from a little over a month ago. I’m already aware of some site widgets I’m using affecting the speed of my site load, which I made an effort to rework the 1 that was most troubling, however, I don’t have access to changing certain files or scripts in the backend which hoop.la runs. Any of you can run a site checkup using that tool & see how you score. Other platforms like ning, ucoz & wordpress do quite well with this sort of test why we see so many of those sites pop up in Google because the techs/engineers designing those platforms must have those things in mind, also letting the user have access to change some critical files if they know how to. I appreciate that hoop.la handles many of these daily functional concerns. I just thought I’d share what I came across & ask what further improvements will hoop.la offer in the near future that can address these site issues, from using following links, when I ran my site (ferrelux.com) through them, particularly the first one.




Note that they allow 1 or 2 site checks per day I think.

My Other Site Lhisa.net, Using Ucoz went up 10 points from a month ago to 55 now http://seositecheckup.com/chec...33?url=www.lhisa.net

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Hi Lhisa,


We do have a few changes in the pipeline that may improve SEO a bit. We have plans to add support for more structured content on every page (including the H1 tag mentioned by freeseoscorecard.com). We also are planning on making sure that all images have alt attributes on them.


We don't have any plans to allow support for directly modifying server-side assets such as JavaScript files. Those are all fully optimized, minified, and gzipped.


Note that you can also currently control the robots.txt in the Statistics section of your control panel. At the bottom of the page, there is a section for search engine spider throttling. There's a custom throttling option that allows you to enter whatever you'd like for your robots.txt file.


Thanks for sharing your findings with the community!



Brian Lenz
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