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As we come to the end of our first year of using the Supporting Membership feature, I am interested in tracking whether people re-up for another year. (We only offer annual memberships).  I have a few questions: 

  • What is the best way to see who has re-upped and who has allowed their subscription to expire?  (I assume that it involves using the Eve Control Panel ยป Premium Membership Transaction/Refunds screen, but which parameters will get me what I'm looking for?)  I see that I can enter an original purchase date and see who has "Auto-renewed" or "Manually-renewed" but what about those who have "expired?"
  • And I really wish that the data that comes up could be extrapolated to Excel. 
  • On the Premium Membership Transaction/Refunds screen, what is the TYPE parameter "Chargebacks?"  What is the "Voided" STATUS parameter?
  • If someone doesn't renew, what happens?  Do you give them any grace period or do they just get their Supporting Membership "turned off?"
  • What date do you use as the drop-dead date: the order date or the approval date? (often it is different)
  • I see that you renew an Automatic Subscription Renewal five days before they are up, what does their next renewal date become: is it 5 days earlier than the last renewal date?  (Not sure if that question is clear!  I guess I'm trying to ask if they loose five days of their Supporting Membership?)


I apologize if there is documentation on these topics somewhere.  (Maybe you could point me towards it if it exists.  



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Hi Carol,


Great questions!  I'll do my best to answer them all.


1) You're in the right place!  We don't have any way to show a list of users whose subscriptions have expired or what users have renewed.  The control panel is transaction-based, so it focuses more on the purchases and renewals than on the individual user subscriptions.  As you mentioned, you can see who has renewed a subscription by searching for Auto/Manual Renewed Subscriptions in the type dropdown (you don't even have to specify date if you don't want to).  There isn't any way to identify a list of users whose subscriptions have expired, though.


2) We don't currently have any CSV exporter for that transaction data.


3) Chargebacks happen when a user disputes the charge with their credit card company and "charges it back" on their card.  A "Voided" status just means that the transaction was manually voided for one reason or another.  In normal course of operation, there likely won't be any voided transactions on your site.


4) If someone chooses not to renew, their subscription will simply be removed at the expiration date (which is based on their original purchase date).  There is no grace period; they only get access for what they paid for.  Note that we send email reminders to users ahead of time in order to give them ample opportunity to renew before the subscription expires.


5) For "drop-dead date", I assume you are referring to the subscription expiration date.  It is based on the original order date, not the order approval date.  Users subscriptions are activated immediately upon ordering, so we based the expiration off of that original date.


6) We process the auto-renewal 5 days in advance in order to ensure no lapse in subscription due to a credit card authorization issue (e.g. card expired).  If the authorization fails, we notify the user, which gives the user 5 days to respond to the failure before their subscription becomes inactive.  Their renewal is based off of their original expiration date; they do not lose 5 days of their subscription


I hope that helps!  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance,



Brian Lenz

Thanks Brian.  That helps.  Bummer about not being able to track those who have expired.  (Though I understand that it would be hard to put some sort of a marker on them.) I'll have to think about how to track them.  (Supporting Memberships are paying our bills and I'd like to be able to know what is happening with renewals!) 


Here's another question: what happens if someone lets their Supporting Membership lapse, and then several months later decides to re-up.  (Anticipating that this will happen!) Is their LiveCloud account still active? In other words if they go to log in to the LiveCloud Site Payment Service, will it recognize them and will they be able to renew? Or will they have to create a new LiveCloud account? 


thanks for your quick response.


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