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Our community is made up exclusively of our firm's paying clients. Each month when I run billing, there are a few payment failures; I have a Forum post with instructions on how to address those. I am looking for an easier way to direct that to just those few members whose payments failed each month.

I know how to select members from a permission circle and send them a message via the Notify Member function, but when dealing with  only a handful out of hundreds (and that handful changes each time), this is unwieldy.  Is there a way to use the Notify function to send the same message to a select few members by typing in their names or @tagging them?

Alternatively/in addition, I know that I can tag individuals on forum posts, but it would be great to be able to do this in a way that would not be seen by anyone else -- similar to a Whisper within QuestionShark.

Please let me know if there is a way to do these things, and if not, if I should submit one or both as suggestions.



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Hi Mary-

Here are a couple of options you could consider...

1.  Private Message

Assuming you are sending the same message to everyone, you could start a new private message and include each person on the message. The downside to that is it is one message that everyone can access, so they would all be able to see each other's replies to the private message. 

This would probably be the fastest way though, since you can simply add them one at a time as participants in the private message.

2. Circle

This MAY be what you are already doing, but I wanted to clarify how I would do it, just in case.

Have one circle called Payment Issues (or similar) (make sure you do not expose this group to anyone but your Super Admins, because public circles will be visible to your community).  Add the members who had the failures to the circle and then go to Manage Members, filter by that circle, and send them an email.  After you send the email, stay on the Manage Members page, sort by that circle again, and then remove each of those people from the circle, so it is clear for the next month, when you will add the new batch of people in and go through the same process.

The benefit to this approach is that are notified individually, but it is more work than the first option.

Hope that helps!

Ted @ Crowdstack
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