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Hi, I am having some big troubles with qty of emails I am getting. My notifications are set so that I get notified when anyone comments on a post I've commented on. I want to retain this setting. BUT HERE'S THE ISSUE: Up until very recently, I could then later choose to UNFOLLOW any specific post (clip, blog, or forum) by going into that post and clicking the UNFOLLOW button under it. BUT that button no longer shows up (is this an artifact of the recent Kinetic release - please see my questions about that in another post. That release seems to have impacted my site in some ways, but no one has explained those ways.). So the result is I am now getting a lot of notifications on recent posts I commented on, but I have no way of shutting down those notifications later when I want to.

BIG ISSUE - what happened here, and what can be done restore initial behavior?? THANKS!

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Hi, Julie:

If you click the bell icon at the top of the topic, it will allow you to follow the topic. If you click it again, you will unfollow the topic.

If you are following the topic, the icon will look like this (depending on what you've done with your CSS, if anything):

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 2.43.40 PMScreen Shot 2020-05-29 at 2.43.33 PM

When you click it again, if you want to unfollow, it will look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 2.43.25 PM

Hope that helps!

I'll go have a look at your other support topic.



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This doesn't address the full issue - only forum posts show a bell icon near them now; there is no bell icon near clips or blog posts. As noted above, I have my notifications set so I follow any content (clips and blogs, included) that I comment on. In the past. I had the ability to later unfollow ANY type of content (forum, blog or clip), but now I get nonstop notifications on clips and blogs I commented on and there is no bell icon revealing on any of them that would allow me to unfollow them. Please look into and advise.


All other follow actions (aside from follows on individual posts) are now handled via the "Follow" icon in the main navigation menu, which takes you to your overall Follow list, where you can set ALL of your notifications per content type. Thus, cick on the bell icon in your main (top) nav and you can manage all of your follow settings.

Ted @ Crowdstack

Hi @Julie Usher,

For Clips and Blog posts, you can Follow and Unfollow the post via the Comments section header that appears above the comments. It looks like this:

It looks like the problem you're having is caused by custom JavaScript code on your site that is hiding this header, which is why you can't see the Follow and Unfollow bell icon. Specifically, this is the custom JavaScript that is causing it to be hidden:


I'm guessing this is something that you had asked your web developer to do for you in the past. You'll want to remove that from the Custom Code For HEAD Section in your Display Settings. I'm assuming you had it hidden because the comment count is being dynamically placed up at the top of the page. You'll probably just want to leave the Comments section header visible now to ensure users can Follow and Unfollow comments.

Hope that helps,



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