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A few problems:

1) under the new forum display, the filtering of the list does not appear to be working. When I go to a different category in my forum dropdown menu (from the main nav line), the same list of topics always shows. When I hit search and enter another category (with no keywords), that too does not filter the list. So I just don't see how this comment in your post ("Instead, all forums and/categories are listed above the topic list, serving as a filter of the list.") actually works.

2) I'd like to be able to use my previous default avatar as the default avatar still - not the initials. How does one do this?

3) What dimensions are needed for the avatars now so that they fully fill the circles. The previous square dimensions no longer work; they don't fill the circles properly in many cases as stuff gets lopped off.


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4) Also, since some of my previously loaded avatars no longer reveal well (as they are square and don't fill the circle properly), what happens when I delete them and replace them with something new. Will those who previously selected that avatar still have it or will their initials reveal, or something else?

I must say, it's always a headache when these changes roll out unannounced. They hit at busy times for me typically, and then create a lot of unanticipated work. It would be so great if you conveyed some of this before it actually happened.


Hi Julie!

For question 1, do you have an example exhibiting the behavior? What's the URL of the page that doesn't appear to be filtering properly?

One thing to keep in mind: if you have topics that are featured across all forums, then they will appear at the top of every category- and forum-filtered topic list. It looks like you have 9 such topics, so those topics will appear "Featured" at the top of every filtered topic list (just like they do in Legacy mode). Does that explain it?

For item 2, there isn't a way to go back to the old default avatar image approach.

For item 3, there aren't any new image aspect ratio requirements. Square avatar images will be displayed the best, as they will have the least amount of the avatar hidden (due to the rounding).

Finally for item 4, if you delete stock avatars, then anyone who had used the avatar previously will go back to the default initial-based avatar. There is currently no way to "replace" an avatar so that current users get their selection updates.

Before you do anything to address your concerns with the rounded avatars (items 3 and 4), let me get back to you on the best way to work around the issue. We're working on providing the best way for sites to revert back to the old square display.



Brian Lenz

Cool, we should have a new option within the next day or so available so you can choose the level of rounding in your control panel. That should allow you to easily solve the issue by reverting back to the original avatar display (either completely square or with mildly rounded corners).

Glad to hear the featuring explained the topic list! Glad you like the new version 

Brian Lenz

Also, is there a way to turn off the new feature of locking/freezing the forum title at the top of the page. It takes up a fair bit of screen space, and really isn't as important to read (again and again) as the content underneath which is now more blocked by it. Sorry if this was explained somewhere; just can't find it now.


Recent is just the list of topics sorted by last post date. It will always include all topics.

Trending is a more complex formula that incorporates recent page views, replies, and likes. Trending will not include topics that haven't had any views, replies, or likes recently.

Dave posted a bit of custom CSS here that you can use to prevent the sticky header from displaying on topics:

Brian Lenz

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