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Hey Hoopstack. Happy post-Holiday.

Encountered 3 issues when I was doing a member search for people who had registered but had unverified emails (didn't complete registration). 

1. On the results page when I clicked "show search query" --the search query "unset" the "verified email: no" option that I had set. Not sure if it's doing that with other options. "Show settings" should show the settings of the just completed search, right?

2. When I select "Before 7/4/2020" I get very few results. But when I leave the "Before" date blank, I get the much larger results I was expecting.

3. Some "unverified" members appear to have kept on visiting but their email was never marked as verified and yet their log in dates continue to be registered.  How can that be??


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Hi Neil-

#1 is a known bug that will be fixed in a future release.

#2 - we will check into that one, but you clarify which search field you were trying to use? Was it the registration date?

#3- you can still visit if you have an unverified email address, so I'm not sure if I see an issue there. 

Ted @ Crowdstack
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Re: #3 -- we are going to be looking into that. My theory was that we tracked a new visit from such users as a "visit", but I'm not sure if that is/should be the case.  In either event, we will be taking a closer look. I can see how it would be confusing at the very least. Will report back if and when we know more on that front.

Ted @ Crowdstack

re #3
Seeing that someone is still visiting but still unverified could be helpful to us as an alert to contact them.  Then again, perhaps some people are just using the process to "get access" to the registration-required content at our site.  Isn't there a message pop up each time they visit saying they are "unverified"?? 


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