Regarding the reaction emojis...

They are either too small, or not clear enough, or I'm getting too old for this.

I added this simple font-size to my css and it helps, though some of the emojis still appear a bit unrefined. 

.emoji, input[type="text"].emoji {font-family: apple color emoji, segoe ui emoji, noto color emoji, android emojifont-size: 1.4rem}

Is that how you would have done it?

Aside1: I'm wondering why you didn't use font awesome? 

Aside2: I really do like the changes you've made in this release and don't want anyone seeing my several posts about it to think otherwise. Thanks.

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Hi Neil,

Just the .emoji part of your selector is probably all that is necessary. The input part shouldn't be needed since emojis generally aren't used inside of text inputs by end users. You also don't need to duplicate the font-family part, so you can reduce it to simply:

/* increase emoji size */
.emoji {
font-size: 1.4rem;

Emojis are ubiquitous at this point, so they were an easy choice (vs. Font Awesome icons, which would be more limiting, fewer colors, etc.).

Aside2: I really do like the changes you've made in this release and don't want anyone seeing my several posts about it to think otherwise. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback and your support!


Brian Lenz

@neil, that's actually not something within our control. Emojis are just characters (not images), so they are going to render based on the platform you are running. This could vary depending on both your operating system and browser. There's not anything within our control to change it, so if you don't like the emojis used on your laptop, you might try a different browser or operating system.

My guess is that your cellphone is an iPhone, which has the Apple emoji set you prefer. If your laptop is windows, then that'll be the difference.

Hope that helps!

Brian Lenz

After some quick investigation, it looks like the "100" emoji is problematic and being the very first one on the list doesn't look good. So hopefully you at least have control over which emojis are in the box.

The Segoe UI Emoji for "100" looks like this on Chrome, Edge, and IE:

As you can see, the black is not transparent, and thus, turns "100" into a blob.

On APPLE the black is rendered transparent:


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Wish you did. Hope you will.  Some of the emojis just aren't good, like "100" and the party horn (which I like to use on iphone).

What selector do I need to hide for it?  The emoji is U+1F4AF.

FYI: That master chart of all v13 Emojis and how they appear on every platform: Eye opening.

P.S. Please never get rid of graemlins. They are beloved and very useful.

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@neil, you should be able to target specific emojis for hiding purposes now. We added a new CSS class for each emoji, so, if you wanted to hide the âĪïļ emoji, you'd use:

/* hide heart emoji */
.reaction-HEART {
display: none;

You'll need to inspect the other emojis to see what class they use.

Hope that helps!


Brian Lenz

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