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Philosophically, the notifications work so that you (the admin) set the default behavior (in General Settings). Yours is set to "Moderate" (see below).

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Each member can then tweak their own preferences in their profile, under Notifications.

The same philosophy works with subscribing to/following content. Members can choose to follow (for example) forums, and when they do that, they have the option to get a daily or weekly digest from the forums, rather than an individual email for each new topic or reply. Once a member has subscribed to a digest, those automatically get sent out by the system.

There's currently no automated community-wide that what you're contemplating? 


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Rosemary O'Neill
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Yes, I was hoping for a weekly digest. I think Moderate is reasonable, but we are loading so much content in there - I don't want to kill everyone with email notifications. I was hoping to see if when I'm creating a piece of content - whatever it is - there was an option for that specific content to not send a notification. For example, I don't need every calendar event to send a notification - so can I, the creator of that calendar event, simply turn off notifications for that specific post before submitting it?


Hi Aaron, the idea of a wider digest functionality is something that's under consideration for future development, and I forwarded your idea of adding the ability to suppress notifications per piece of content as well.

If you're just trying to load in a whole bunch of events and don't want to pepper everyone with notifications, there is a basically have to revoke the rights to view the calendar from everyone. That way only SuperAdmins who are subscribed and get notifications. And then once you’re done you restore permissions back to what they were before.

Hope that works for you!

Rosemary O'Neill


I'm back to this question - but it's in combination with a question I asked you yesterday about a widget. So here's my workaround:

I'm going to create another calendar to be displayed on our main calendar, so it's publicly viewable and I can create a widget from it. However, any registration details will point to the calendar event in a separate calendar which only specific groups can access. This works well for us. 

My question is this:

I'm creating the new calendar and I want to avoid sending out a ton of notifications for a moment. Can I simply uncheck "Calendar Enabled," load all the calendar events, and then enable the calendar to avoid everyone but super admins getting a notification? Or, do I need to disable the entire calendar module temporarily? See screenshot below. 

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