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I have a couple of suggestions for the blogs.


1) Put titles in CDATA or encode characters  so they display correctly on RSS.  For example, an ampersand is showing up as & amp ; 


2) Add a way for us to add Open Graph metadata to make sharing on FB enhanced.  Right now, links to our blogs only show the blog post's title; but the description and the image are the OG metadata from our community's theme (OG metadata added to our custom theme header).  This is a description and image for our general "community"; but doesn't necessarily pertain to a single blog post.  If there is a way to update this for the blogs, that would be great.  For example, if the blogs could have a different theme applied to them, then on that theme, I wouldn't use the general community OG metadata in the header; I'd leave it blank.


3) Allow Collections to have SEO-friendly URLs as well.  Right now they are "unfriendly" URLs full of numbers.



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Hello Melanie,


Thanks for your thoughts on 1 and 3 above, we will consider that.


For #2, the application will already include the facebook Open Graph metadata tags in the head of any world viewable blog entry, forum topic, calendar event, chat event, clip set, or clip.  The important note there is world viewable.  If that is not happening for your blog entries that would be a issue.  If its not, ould you link me to a blog entry that does not have the proper meta tags so I can investigate?





Jonmark @ Crowdstack

The blogs are set to world view.  The metadata is limiting---it does include the blog post title; but the OG image is set to our profile pic.  I'd really like a way to change that.  Every time we share a blog post on FB, the only option for the image is our profile pic (which matches our profile pic on FB).  Instead, I'd really like for it to grab images in the blog post itself.  

So, if the og:image is NOT set, then FB looks for the images on the page and allows you to pick one.


Additionally, I had set og:description on our community's theme so that I could control the description that is shared when people share links to our public community pages on Facebook.  However, for the blog, I'd like the description to be related to what is in the blog post or to be a short description of our blogs; but because I had set the og:description on the theme, it applies this description to every blog post.


If blogs could have their own theme, I would remove the og:description from that theme's header.


I'm including a screenshot of a recent blog post shared on our FB page.


The title matches the blog post title; the image is set to our profile pic (which I would rather have chosen the image in our blog post); and the description was grabbed from the og:description metatag that I added to our community theme. I guess I need to remove that and just add a <meta description> instead since FB will use that in lieu of og:description.


So...I guess that really means that on blog posts, I'd suggest/want one input field where we could add a description for that post and have that become the meta description for the page.



I hope this makes sense!




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I'd like to add a #4 to my list.  


4) Add a description to each Blog Collection, just as we are able to add a description to the Clip Sets.  This will allow us to get more keywords on the page and/or add text that explains that our blogs are open to the public to read, but to add comments one must register.


On the same topic, I'd request a greater than 255 character maximum .  


Hello Lynda,


This is the same issue as the original author, and we have not made any changes to the OpenGraph elements on the page yet to address this.  There is currently no ETA on when we will be applying any changes, though we are still considering approaches which could help solve this issue.





Jonmark @ Crowdstack

Yes, I really think giving us more ability to customize our blog pages (e.g. apply a specific theme to them; customize the header (title/description or image); etc) would really help. 


Our collections page could be really great if we could add a description (text and image) for each collection.  (Exactly like the Forums Directory; but just have a Blog directory where we could add a description and  thumbnail image.)


Thanks for all the improvements over the last year and for considering our suggestions!


Hey guys,


I can confirm that this is a feature that we are considering for a future release, but we don't have it on the development schedule right now. As a result, I can't give you an ETA as to when it might be available. It might be best if you create a separate topic here for the idea so that others can vote on the specific feature. As it is here (#4 on the list), it might get lost/overlooked by the rest of the community.



Brian Lenz

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