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Hi, I am trying to create a pop-up survey using the News Flash feature, based on the instructions provided here: 

I seem to only be able to enter the embed code for the survey into the body of the News Flash if I click 'Insert/edit video' and then all that appears in the body is the scrollable strip shown in the image below. Please help!





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Emma Firsten-Kaufman
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<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><iframe class="hoopla-embedded-content-iframe " src="!embed/what-should-the-title-be-for-the-most-active-eenet-connect-members" width="100%" height="10" frameborder="0" onload="SocialStrataEmbed.getHeight(this);"></iframe>

Emma Firsten-Kaufman

Hi Emma,

Thanks for that! So the issue here is that by default the iframe loads with a height of 10px, as you can see in the code you've pasted here (height="10"). When the embed actually renders in the news flash, the height will automatically adjust to show the full content of the survey. Since you probably know you want it to display at a certain height initially, you could try changing the height="10" to something like height="400" when editing the code in the News Flash, which will cause it to show more of the iframe in the WYSIWYG editor. Regardless of the height you set in the editor, the iframe height will be dynamically adjusted when it's actually rendered to users in the News Flash.

Give that a shot, and let me know how it goes!


Brian Lenz
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