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Don't you sleep Brian?

So yes, I checked it and saw it was enabled. Here's what's strange:

1. In the permissions, it shows that group super admins can add the clips, but it still wasn't showing for him (Justen Smith)

2. I checked the structure and it was checked

3. Oddly, I got a message from another group super admin that had the same problem.

4. So, I went to the main site control panel and I flipped it permissions on clips over from "Super Admins" to "All Members." Doesn't matter on the main page as I have clips disabled there - but not in the group pages. Suddenly it all started working. 



Ah, yeah I see what the issue was now: regular members didn't have the ability to Upload any files. In order to post clips, they will need to have the Post Clips permission within the group, but they must also generally be able to upload files, which are granted in the main site permissions. So, once you set it so that users can upload files, they can now upload clips in groups 

Brian Lenz
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