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Hello Marie,

I think this comes down to one of the other things that @Ted @ Crowdstack had warned you to look out for, you have another account configured to receive notifications. Notice the display name in the email snippet you sent us: "Hello, Marie St.Hilaire:". That is not "Marie" the account you are currently using, but "Marie St.Hilaire":

I'm not going to divulge the email address for that user, but I have confirmed that account is still configured to receive a lot of different notification types from this site.

@LanceOwners, if you could provide some more detail about the notifications you are receiving that you do not believe you should be that would be a tremendous help. Thanks!


Jonmark @ Crowdstack

Oooooooooohhhhh! That was it! I had no idea I had completely forgotten that I had set up an account under that email address. When Ted told me to check that before, I must have checked one of the notifications from this thread, which were sent to this account's address, rather than the ones sent to the other address. I just went in and unchecked everything under the other account. Thank you!


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