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Is there any way to list the registered users on my forum specifically by those who are paying for a premium membership? I have been working with the control panel to see if I can do this but do not see anything , obvious, to indicate this is possible. I am also trying to do this by running a sql query against the database but have not found the tables I need yet. Let me know what I can do. Thanks!

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Hello Glitch,


You can find members of your premium groups in your control panel under Eve > Members > Member Management.  On that page, click the "Advanced Search Parameters" link in the top right, and then you can choose the premium group you want to find users in.  Click Search, and it should give you a paginated list of your premium members.


You also may be able to get a full list of premium members in your control panel under Premium Memberships > Current Memberships.  Click the link for the premium group you want.  In the popup that appears, click on Members.  That should give you a list of the members.  Note that if you have a large list of members in your premium group, then the list won't appear here, and instead you will have to do a text-based search of members to find them in your group.


Do either of these options give you what you are looking for?



Brian Lenz
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