Last night was the first night for our new Hoopla forum. We migrated a terabyte of data from a very active forum on the Eve platform and all had gone pretty smoothly. However as I was working in the forum during the evening answering questions, I noticed things were going slower and slower. Finally, about 9:15 pm EST, the server crashed.


I called Dave Dreezer, told him what happened and literally within SECONDS he was on top of things. He said, "I see whats wrong. It will take a few minutes to fix. I'll call you back." SEVEN MINUTES LATER he called me back! There had been a RAM allocation error on the server, which he fixed. The site was once again running fine, with a fairly heavy load. At the time we had just over 150 members and 251 guests using the site.


That is A-1 Tech Support. You folks obviously take your Tech Support responsibilities very seriously. In this day and age of computerized phone systems and "Tech Support" people who only know how to read a script, it is VERY reassuring to know we've got such solid tech support behind us.



Rich Melvin
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