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Hi Deb!

There's no automated way to download a member's content. You (as the admin) can view all content by a specific author, if you go to Settings > Manage/Search Content, which will at least tell you what the quantity is. You can also delete the member's content from that same spot.

If the member wants to have a record of all of their content, they have to do something manual (like copy/paste), unfortunately.

When a member is deleted, their content stays in place, but the username changes to Former Member (and their profile disappears). Also, once this action is done, you will have no way on the back end to associate the content with that member going forward, so make sure the content issue is resolved first.

One other note, did you know that you can choose a Member Setting that would allow your members to deactivate or delete their own accounts if you like? I don't know if this is something you want, but just wanted to make sure you knew it was in there.

Rosemary O'Neill
This action was taken by Rosemary O'Neill.

Thanks for the reply. I asked this YEARS ago and it's too bad this hasn't changed since. We have to consider user tasks and needs here. Plus some important laws. Where's the CX/UX team to shepherd these customer and legal needs?

1) This person might want everything they ever said wiped off the boards. Maybe they had been including personal info that now isn't safe to be there. It would be great to have a toggle that says hide all of this person's previous posts. Or when deleting them, delete all of their previous posts.

2) GDPR requires that I delete EVERYTHING associated with someone if they request it. How would I abide by that law and still leave up this person's nearly 5000 posts? That would be a lot of work for me. So anybody who cares about GDPR (which would be all of Europe) needs you to PLEASE get something cooking ASAP that can hide or remove every post or comment a member has done.

No, this is not where we write into the fine print that we are in the USA and don't have to comply with GDPR. The correct solution is to have boards that comply with GDPR rather than HOPING you can circumvent it and not be sued or fined. Please don't expose me to lawsuits and fines! I say GDPR to companies ALL THE TIME to get them to stop emailing me, and they are in the USA (and I now live in Italy). It works.

3) Members might want to download everything they've ever done. They can do that on Facebook. I would hope they can do that here, even though it's a bit out of context.


#2 is the top priority here, and I hope you can please pass that to a CX/UX team who can decide the best interaction design for that.



Hi maybe I didn't express how it works correctly...the reason the Member Settings now allow you to let your members deactivate or delete their own profiles (and content) is because of GDPR.

We've also added an entire "GDPR" toggle for extra security, if you look in the Basics tab of the control panel, you'll see a one-click to enable all of the GDPR related functions.

Also, if you don't want to allow your members to delete their own content, as I described, you can go to your Manage Content control panel, find all of their posts, and delete them in bulk.

The one thing that is NOT in the system is the ability to download a member's content, which is not a requirement of the law.

Rosemary O'Neill

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