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Hi Deb!

There's no automated way to download a member's content. You (as the admin) can view all content by a specific author, if you go to Settings > Manage/Search Content, which will at least tell you what the quantity is. You can also delete the member's content from that same spot.

If the member wants to have a record of all of their content, they have to do something manual (like copy/paste), unfortunately.

When a member is deleted, their content stays in place, but the username changes to Former Member (and their profile disappears). Also, once this action is done, you will have no way on the back end to associate the content with that member going forward, so make sure the content issue is resolved first.

One other note, did you know that you can choose a Member Setting that would allow your members to deactivate or delete their own accounts if you like? I don't know if this is something you want, but just wanted to make sure you knew it was in there.

Rosemary O'Neill
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Thanks for the reply. I asked this YEARS ago and it's too bad this hasn't changed since. We have to consider user tasks and needs here. Plus some important laws. Where's the CX/UX team to shepherd these customer and legal needs?

1) This person might want everything they ever said wiped off the boards. Maybe they had been including personal info that now isn't safe to be there. It would be great to have a toggle that says hide all of this person's previous posts. Or when deleting them, delete all of their previous posts.

2) GDPR requires that I delete EVERYTHING associated with someone if they request it. How would I abide by that law and still leave up this person's nearly 5000 posts? That would be a lot of work for me. So anybody who cares about GDPR (which would be all of Europe) needs you to PLEASE get something cooking ASAP that can hide or remove every post or comment a member has done.

No, this is not where we write into the fine print that we are in the USA and don't have to comply with GDPR. The correct solution is to have boards that comply with GDPR rather than HOPING you can circumvent it and not be sued or fined. Please don't expose me to lawsuits and fines! I say GDPR to companies ALL THE TIME to get them to stop emailing me, and they are in the USA (and I now live in Italy). It works.

3) Members might want to download everything they've ever done. They can do that on Facebook. I would hope they can do that here, even though it's a bit out of context.


#2 is the top priority here, and I hope you can please pass that to a CX/UX team who can decide the best interaction design for that.



Hi maybe I didn't express how it works correctly...the reason the Member Settings now allow you to let your members deactivate or delete their own profiles (and content) is because of GDPR.

We've also added an entire "GDPR" toggle for extra security, if you look in the Basics tab of the control panel, you'll see a one-click to enable all of the GDPR related functions.

Also, if you don't want to allow your members to delete their own content, as I described, you can go to your Manage Content control panel, find all of their posts, and delete them in bulk.

The one thing that is NOT in the system is the ability to download a member's content, which is not a requirement of the law.

Rosemary O'Neill

I'm back. I deleted the member and her content. She's now emailing me that I didn't delete her content, and she can still find it on pages, but with another username.

I might need tech support specifically on my board. I can't find her account because I deleted her and she doesn't exist. So I can't take an action on a profile that doesn't exist. I think I need someone to go in and remove this person's database table.

Can someone please help me? I really don't want a GDPR fine because "delete all content" just changed this person's username. They have over 4000 posts from 20+ years. That's how long I've been a customer! Please help me.



AAaaa this was weeks ago wasn't it! I remember following the instructions you had here. I turned on the members can delete themselves and their content.

This member seemed to want me to do it, don't ask. I've had small battles with this person since roughly 1998. So I went in. I found her account. Manage Account. Delete. I think. It asks are you sure. I say yes.

I'm not asked if I want to delete all her content or not. That was the point I was trying to make weeks ago. It seems like if I delete them, the content stays. If the member deletes themselves, they can choose if they want the content to go. I'm not given a choice, but GDPR is in operation here, so I say yes to are you sure you want to delete.

Now I'm thinking you deleted her "account" but left 4000+ posts up. And she's not happy. I need to make her... happy.



Hi @Frenz Webmistress Deb,

So, unfortunately what happened is you deleted the member without first deleting all of her posts. You would have needed to delete all of her posts via the Content Management control panel before deleting her account.

Thus, since her account has been deleted, there is no way to delete these posts universally right now.

We are going to look into building a back end tool to allow us to go through and delete all of the members posts retroactively after they've been deleted. If/when we have that tool available, we'll post back here to see if you'd like us to run it for you to delete her posts.

Sorry I don't have a better answer right now!



Brian Lenz

And where above did you explain that to me before I did this? Come on, this is extremely frustrating. Will you pay my GDPR fine?

Can I restore her account and then mass delete posts? Can I find her as "former member" and delete her posts?

Can you please go into my database and remove this person's posts? I'm in trouble here. Real trouble. And you never said HEY if you go to delete this person, make sure you do this first and then this second. So I guessed and I guessed wrong. That's bad.

I've been a customer for like 20 years. I've asked for so little. I've paid on time. Can someone please go into my database and remove these posts? I can't wait for you to put a public tool on the to do list. I asked years ago for a "let her download all her posts" (same member, that's how long she's been waiting to be deleted), and that never happened.

This exposes me to GDPR fines, and I need more help than "Hey, you guessed wrong and did things out of order, too bad." GDPR - I need to delete her posts. I don't mind waiting for the tool that lets others do this as long as somebody goes into my database and kills her data table.

Please write me a line of code that says if it's user #whatever, don't show her posts. I need SOME workaround ASAP that gets me out of GDPR trouble.



I said we will work on a tool to support this, and I'm even expediting it on our development timeline. It's not going to be today. It's possible it could be ready as early as within the next couple of weeks. This isn't a matter of just writing a line or two of code to accomplish unfortunately. I think Rosemary pretty clearly laid out your options for managing this user's situation, so I'm sorry if you didn't fully understand.

No, it's not possible to restore her account, so there aren't any other options at the present time.

But, again, we will help you on this; you just have to give our development team sufficient time to actually do what you are needing to do. This isn't something that just happens overnight, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Brian Lenz

Hi, Brian. Thanks for this help. It's always good to know when it's user error and definitely not visibility of system status, confirmation messaging wording, information architecture, process flows, CTAs, etc.



Can I please suggest that your confirmation wording for deleting a member warn people that without deleting all their content first, you won't be able to mass delete their posts later? Let's please save other peeps from my adventures.

You'll please forgive me for being grumpy about this. But given the expedition of this, I think you understand and are sensitive to this situation. And for that, I'm grateful.

I appreciate you expediting this, and look forward to updates on it.


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Thanks, Deb! And no worries about being grumpy I totally understand the position you are in, and that's why we're going to do our best to help get you out of it.

Regarding that confirmation modal, our plan is to eventually allow you to delete all of the member's posts as a matter of course during that deletion process, so we do intend to improve that in the future 

We'll be back in touch once we have an update for you. Hope you have a good weekend! 

Brian Lenz

Hi Deb,

We do nightly backups, but I don't anticipate any need for a special backup here. Since her account was already deleted, all of her profile information has been deleted, so we can't look her up by username. I've got her internal, numeric user ID to delete based off of the posts that you had linked to previously. It will only delete her posts, so it's very low risk.

I will fire off the process now and let you know when it's complete!



Brian Lenz
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