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The reports you get from us are a total of every servlet request made.  Google analytics are not applied to every page and thus will not include pages that don't contain your custom header/footer html. The are pages such as rss streams, content islands, login/logout pages, profile pages, and control panel pages.

As I recall Google analytics also discard, or do not reveal,  any search engine or robot traffic. You actually have to dig for that data, and the counts can be significant.  As we still have to serve these pages whether a robot or a human is looking at them we do not differentiate in our accounting.
Dave Dreezer
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Thanks Dave. I think that might make sense because the provided numbers don't. The report shows us with 331,298 page views with an avg of 12,270 per day. Quite impressive except that there are only 18 new topics and 44 active users. That plus the fact the 5 most active topics combined only have 357 page views (all numbers from Eve) makes me wonder about those 331,298 views which have to be seriously inflated by something. Now I know what.

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