Sometimes you want to bring widget content onto the Home page of your community, in the left column. This tip is the step-by-step on how to accomplish that!

If you've done this in your community, please share your own hints for making it work here too.

In this example, we're displaying forum topics, but you can do this same method with other widget content.

  1. Go to control panel, under “manage widgets.” Click the Embedded Widgets tab.
  2. Click “add embedded widget.”
  3. Select “UBB Forum” in the Standard Widgets section. Click “forum topics.” Change the settings so that it reflects what you want to display.
  4. Copy the embed code to your clipboard.
  5. In your control panel, under Modules, click Home Page.
  6. Click “add content block.” Choose Custom Content Block.
  7. Paste your embed code in the HTML section. (Don’t forget the Update button.)

One word of caution...if you stack up too many of this type of custom content block, you can put drag on your load time, depending on what you're including, because it has to pull the widget content any time your home page loads. I recommend only doing one of these at a time.

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Hi @Valerie Krist,

Almost the exact same way that Rosemary described above.  For step 3 select Groups -> Group Directory.  The widget defaults to 15 groups but will show up to maximum of 50,  and it will display a link to see the rest.

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